Automated Payables and Virtual Cards

With our automated accounts payable product Payiture you can schedule all aspects of your payouts and expenditures while increasing your bottom line through rebates. Payiture filters allow you to sort through your entire payout schedule by amount, vendors date range and more.  Paying vendors is now simple, cost effective and secure.

Paying vendors electronically has never been Easier

Simply upload your check file and fund your payments. Payiture will take over after that. Payiture is the hassle-free way to pay everyone accurately and on time.


Profitable Rebate Payments

  • Earn cashback on all eligible account payable transactions.
  • Make reconciliation a simple and burden free task. 
  • Integrates directly with your accounting and financial systems.

Tax Reporting Services

  • Preparation & Distribution of 1099’s is handled by Rapid on your behalf and in your name.
  • Payment inquiries are handled by Payiture.
  • Payiture collects all W-9s and issues all 1099s.
  • Payiture provides a comprehensive audit trail keep your financial office happy. 
  • Payiture keeps you in compliance with all applicable federal and state regulations.

Virtual Prepaid Cards

  • Automatically load funds onto virtual prepaid cards prior to disbursing payables.
  • Funds electronically autocmtically pulled or pushed from your bank account whichever you choose.
  • In circumstances when electronic payables are unavailable, physical checks are mailed on your behalf.
  • Your vendors will love you for eliminating the hassle of writing checks.


Payiture has made it easier for our vendors to receive payments. With one click we can verify the payment and have the bill processed and paid electronically.

-John S, Lee county