Our disbursement technology simplifies payout management for Non-Profit and Associations saving you valuable time and money. From automated disbursements and one time pay expenditures to paying jurors and restitution recipients. Rapid has you covered.

Payout Like a Pro

With our disbursement product Payiture you can schedule all aspects of your payouts and expenditures while increasing your bottom line through rebates. Payiture filters allow you to sort through your entire payout schedule by amount, vendors date range and more. With Razin.Money you can manage fundraising, membership dues, supplier and volunteer payments. Rapid FinTechConsulting allows you access to our seasoned payout team for those special use cases specific to your industry. 

Automated payables made easy and profitable

Collect and manage all supplier forms, invoices and bills online. Have instant access to vital proof of payment information when you need it. Turn the manual, time-consuming task of accounts payable into an easy online process, freeing you up to focus on running your organization.

With Payiture organizations can reduce time, cost and workload while enhancing suppler interactions by securely processing their payments. Thereby improving the experience of all participants involved. Paying suppliers and vendors is now easy, profitable and streamlined.

Take the hassle out of payments such as:

Event Staff



Strike Payouts


“After spending millions trying to create our own product and distance ourselves from the competition we adopted ArbiterSports products and it’s made all the difference. We save time and money and the our schools love using it!”

-Beau Rugg, Ohio High School Athletic Association


“In addition to saving our athletic directors time and hassle associated with scheduling, ArbiterSports has enabled us to run our programs more effectively across the state and focus our attention on our student athletes.”

-Daniel B. Ross, Ph.D. OHSAA Commissioner


“ArbiterGame is an all in one platform that has been monumental in helping us manage everything that happens before and after a game. We schedule games and can arrange transportation. If we need to change venues and times we can do it easy and ArbiterGame also allows us to send notifications to officials and game staff. Once the game is over we can pay everyone involved. It has definitely been a game changer”


“With Alaska’s enormous geographic footprint, it would be impossible to oversee all of our schools without the help of powerful technology. Thanks to ArbiterSports, Alaska just got a little smaller.”

-Billy Strickland ASAA Executive Director


“The reporting function has been a tremendous tool for annual audits and budgeting. For every payment, we can track the official’s name, account, game ID and date, sport, and school where the game was played. Each report we generate provides all the information we need to stay in compliance. ArbiterSports also issues all 1099s through ArbiterPay. This feature alone saves us great deal of time and effort every year.”

-Denise Doser, AIA Director of Finance and Operations

CHOOSE a SOLUTION THAT makes Fundraising easy.

Razin.Money helps associations gain greater efficiency across their organization by providing them with a automated fundraising solution in one portal. All fundraising data entered at the volunteer level is automatically updated into a centralized accounting system, so the association Treasurer has an accurate view at all times. Extensive audit trails provide transparency so association members and volunteer can have a dashboard on demand. 

consultants Who believe all payments should be frictionless

Rapid FinTech Consulting allows you access to our seasoned professionals for those unique use-cases specific to your industry. Frictionless payments can reduce time, cost and workload by turning manual, time-consuming tasks into automated processes, freeing you up to focus on running your organization. Let us show you how payouts can be easy, secure and streamlined. Who knows, we may even teach you a thing or two about making disbursements a profit center along the way!